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5x8_Entang_Cover_05-26-22-DA Miranda McGuire Novel. Miranda Rights series, BOOK TWO

Weeks after giving birth to her son, Miranda McGuire is shipped off to the nationโ€™s largest female prison complex to begin a ten-year sentence.

Still suffering from the crippling effects of postpartum depression, she must acclimate to this harsh new worldโ€”a world with its own rules, its own language, its own power structure. Here she will learn that her high IQ is about as useful as her politics, and that the line between friend and enemy can be as blurred as a watery strip in a plastic spoon.

Outside the perimeter fence, a global pandemic rages on. Inside, far more pressing threats abound. As the postpartum fog slowly lifts, the dire nature of her circumstances becomes increasingly clearโ€”trapped, hundreds of miles from home, with her baby left to the care of strangers. She must make it back. But standing in her way are endless coils of razor wire, armed guards, hostile inmates, an indifferent judicial system, and quite possibly her greatest obstacle . . . herself.

โ€œIn the field of quantum mechanics there is something called quantum entanglement. It is what happens when two particles interact, vibrate in unison, and are separated. They remain connected by something that defies logic, something science has yet to explain. If one particle vibrates, no matter the distance, the other particle reacts in unison. Even if there are oceans between them, even if there is a universe separating them.โ€

โ€”Tyler Kent White

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