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A stark tale of forbidden love, domestic violence, and crystal meth.BookCoverImage

Rayla Broxson walked among murderers and rapists. It was far from a dream job, but better than anything else her small town had to offer. The prison was only meant to be a temporary stop but after six years, she found herself settling in to the subculture of correctional life with a trailer in staff housing and a sergeant for her husband.

Lance Broxson had a mean streak that was legendary in the department. A former high school quarterback and hard-partying ladies’ man, he finally decided to turn the page when he married Rayla. But could he overcome his own demons and the dark forces that tugged at him?

Kevin Freeman was only trying to make it home. In his decade behind the razor wire, he had seen the worst that humanity had to offer and viewed both the guards and his fellow inmates with equal disdain … until he met a kid too friendly for his own good and a woman who had no idea how beautiful she was.

Set in the heart of the Florida Panhandle, where there’s a prison at every interstate exit, With Arms Unbound charts the interlocking destinies of a woman trapped in a toxic marriage, the man who would die to set her free, and the husband who would kill before he let her go.

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